April 9, 2013 at 3:29 am

Rachel Roy Gets Digital

Print media is fast becoming antiquated. Though there will be room for glossy mags on our coffee tables for the foreseeable future, you get the feeling that the digital tide has become insurmountable and moving in on modern culture at a fast clip.

Bloggers know this. The internet is ground zero for the new world order. Journalism has its roots in newspapers and any writer worth his/her salt, found being published in print was proof of their professionalism. That was then. Now, every brand, entertainer, icon, student and casual observer has an online presence of some sort. Some have multiple profiles. Even print behemoths have online counterparts to help push their ideological wares. Why not?

We’re in transition. Constantly moving, constantly taking in information. If you have an interest in getting people to identify with and become accustomed to your particular view of the world, you have to go to where the viewer is. And most often, that viewer is online at some point in the day, whether through work/home computer, tablet or smartphone. We’re connected more often than we’re not.

So when Rachel Roy announced that she would be launching a digital publication to supplement her online store, well, it just made sense. Most fashion houses jockey to put their wares in the latest fashion magazine. Which is not a cheap option at all. Though to be fair, high end brands do need that presence as a sort of qualifier.

So often, it’s not all about the fabrics or cut that these brands promote, it’s a lifestyle. If you want to live like this, you should look like this. What Rachel is doing is evolutionary and logical and cost efficient. Face it, printing up little brochures that eschews the company’s mission statement alongside witty articles and fashion forward imagery can be costly. And once you print it, you have to get it into the hands of consumers. And well, that’s a hit or miss mission that adds more costs and virtually guarantees that you will reach a limited audience. That and you lose out on the added benefits of near-instantaneous statistical analysis that publishing online allows you.

Rachel Roy gets it. She’s not at all chained to the old way of marketing and promotion. She proved that when she decided to broadcast her runway show digitally. And now, she gets to further her brands reach and extol the virtues of her brand, not overtly through her line, but subtly through her lifestyle digital magazine.

Exclusively on her website, The Life plans to be a hub of lifestyle content created to inspire women to achieve the life they desire to live.

The digital magazine portion of The Life will feature five sections, LEARN, STYLE, GIVEBACK, RR/TV and ABOUT, where readers can get an inside look at fashion, beauty, travel, food and philanthropy from Rachel’s point of view.

C. Daniel Baker | Black Enterprise


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